How to Set A Video As An Incoming Call Background in any Android Device

In this tutorial, learn how to set your favourite video as an incoming call background in any Android device.

Vyng is an Android app lets you set video ringtones for incoming calls from different contacts. You can download this video ringtone app on Google Play Store. Vyng visualizes phone calls with Video Caller ID and Spam Protection. What makes Vyng interesting is it lets you select the video that plays when you call others. This gives you a fully redesigned call experience with more powerful spam call blocking and caller ID than ever before. What’s more, it allows you to assign different video ringtones for different contacts, just like customised ringtones. Also you can record their own videos to add as video ringtone as well.

Main Features of Vyng – Spam-Blocking Dialer and Video Caller ID

  • Vyng is the first video ringtone + caller ID app ever.
  • Blocking spam calls is one of Vyng’s best features, and our powerful spam blocking technology is improving all the time.
  • Vyng Video caller ID, with over 15 million downloads, identifies calls from businesses , unknown numbers, robocalls, and spam at a lightning speed. You can also pick any video ringtone to play when you get a call so that every call is a party!
  • Vyng is FREE.
  • Vyng is the best video caller id app with HD full-screen operation.

How to Set A Video As An Incoming Call Background in any Android Device With the Vyng app

1. Firstly, download The Vyng app from the below link.

Download Vyng – Spam-Blocking Dialer and Video Caller ID from Google Play store

2. Launch and set Vyng as default Phone app and enable permissions for photos, media, and files on your device. Next, it verifies your phone by asking your number and sending a code to it.

3. Tapping on the call icon on the bottom right will open your contacts list and you can pick up to set the video for a particular contact or as general video ringtone for all calls.

4. Once a particular video is assigned to a contact, it will play every time that contact calls you.

Checkout this video to illustrate this guide:

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