How To Play any PS1 game on your Android Device

In this tutorial, learn how to play any PS1 game on your Android. It is easy and simple, and it does not require a rooted device.

This post will show you how to download and install epsxe 2.0.8 emulator on your Android smartphone or tablet. Before you start, you will need to download ePSXe 2.0.8 APK, you can download it from this souce.

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How To Install a PSX Emulator on Your Android Device

Note: Make sure you have enabled the Unknown Sources within your Android device. To do so, navigate to Settings > Security > enable “Unknown Source” option.

Step 1. Install Solid Explorer on Android

Solid Explorer File Manager is an easy-to-use file explorer to manage all the files on your device’s memory or SD card. And you will use it to extract the compressed BIOS and game files.

Or you can also use Zarchiver to extract the compressed BIOS and game files.

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Step 2. Install PS1 Emulator on Android

Download ePSXe 2.0.8 APK. Then install ePSXe on your Android device. You can refer how to Install APK on Android from this article.

Play PS1 game on Android device
Play PS1 game on Android device

Step 3. Download PS1 BIOS

Run ePSXe, you’ll need a BIOS file to operate ePSXe.

Download scph1001.bin click here.

Once you have a BIOS file, next to step 4.

Step 4. Download PS1 Games

Now it is time for you to download your PS1 games.

We will present you a great place where you can find tons of PlayStation Roms:

Step 5. Configuring ePSXe Emulator

First, you will set up your BIOS and then your game. For that purpose open the Solid Explorer and go to the folder where you downloaded the BIOS. Locate the BIOS file (in my case it is called and extract it. You can choose the third option of the menu, that will extract the files in the separate folder named as your selected file.

Then, you need to extract your game with the same procedure.

Run your ePSXe Emulator and select Run Bios. That will search your Android and will find your extracted.

Finally, click on Run Game and select the .bin file in the folder where you’ve extracted the game files earlier.

Now you can play your game.

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