How To Download & Install Universal ADB Driver in Windows 10/8/7

In this tutorial, learn how to install and setup Android Universal ADB Driver on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC. If you are searching for drivers for your Android phone or tablet then this is useful for you.

Let me explain first what is Universal ADB Driver?

The Universal ADB driver (UAD) is a GUI based application that enables you to easily install the Google ADB Driver on your Windows PC in few clicks only. If you want to install all Android USB drivers with EXE file installation, then this is a treat for you.

Key Features of Universal ADB Driver:

  • Supports almost all android devices (including major brands such Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and more).
  • It automatically detects the brand and model number of your Android device and displays it under the Manufacturer and Description list.
  • Supports 32 bit & 64 bit Windows versions.
  • You can easily refresh the device list that is attached to your computer by using the Refresh button

How To Download & Install Universal ADB Driver in Windows 10/8/7

You can download the latest version of Universal ADB Driver from this below link:

Download Universal ADB Driver V6.0– Latest Version

Here are the steps to the installation of a downloaded Universal file (Driver)

First of all, make sure that you have connected your Android phone or tablet to your computer with USB cable.

1. Download the latest Universal ADB driver and then unrar its zip package to a folder on your computer. Now, you will find the “universaladbdriver.exe” file.

2. Moving on, browse to the folder that contains the “universaladbdriver.exe” file and double click on it to run the Universal ADB driver installer.

3. Once the installer is launched, it will automatically detect your phone or tablet.

4. Now, you will be able to see the message “Driver incorrectly” under “Device status” which indicates that you haven’t installed the ADB driver on your computer. Also, you will see your phone or tablet model number in the Installer’s device list.

Universal ADB Driver V6.0
Universal ADB Driver V6.0

5. Moving on, click on the “Install” button to begin the installation process.

6. After that, you will see a Windows Security prompt stating that they can’t verify the publisher of the driver. Just select on “Install this driver software anyway” to install Universal ADB Driver on your Windows PC.

7. Wait until the installation is complete, a green progress bar in the installer appears along with the message “[Done] Installation Success”.

All done. Now you have successfully installed the Universal ADB Driver for your android device on your Windows PC.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Install Universal ADB Driver on Windows PC

Hope something helps you.

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